As the GWRRA motto indicates (Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge).  We are Friends first and we do like to have FUN.  In keeping with the fun side of our organization there is a whole section on having fun published on the GWRRA National site.  

The national guide can be put to use at any time, but should be an especially valuable tool when putting together your Ride/Activity Schedule for the coming year. If you find that your Chapter tends to do the same activities each year, you may want to throw in a little variety by scheduling something that's already been tried by your fellow GWRRA Members. Take the lead and bring some new excitement to the Chapter!

The Table of contents for the Fun Activities Guide will give you a good idea of what you can expect to see.  The Chapter MEC should be familiar with this guide to help make suggestions to the Chapter Director to increase the fun.

Section 1 ------------------------Getting Acquainted
Section 2 ------------------------ Awards
Section 3 ------------------------ Games
Section 4 ------------------------ Rides
Section 5 ------------------------ Challenges

To down load the GWRRA Fun Activities guide Click HERE

Best Hat in Texas Competition
For Competion guidelines visit Texas District Convention Info on the Home Page
ChA Winner Betty Highezee
Betty Highzee             Gene Rogers
Chapter A Winners See Other participants
Lynda Hoot      Ricky Bear
Chapter G Winners. See other participants HERE
Helen Smith         Sal Pesta
Chapter U Winners. See other participants HERE

Lyle Altes                 Sheri Altes
Chapter O Winners